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Inspiring & mentoring the next generation of conductors

Robin is not only an established performer, but also a widely-respected conducting teacher, coach and mentor. As professor of conducting at the University of Southampton (one of the UK’s top university music departments), Robin has over 10 year’s experience in nurturing the careers of many conductors of the younger generation. He is a committed advocate for conductor-training and believes passionately in advancing the training of conductors, everywhere across the globe.

Alongside his work with both postgraduates and undergraduates at University, Robin has provided Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Mentoring to teachers and ensemble directors for Essex Music Hub, one of the largest music services in the UK. He also works with selected conductors from the Royal Thai Navy in an ongoing collaboration with the University of Southampton, and runs an inspiring, annual conductors masterclass and workshop with the young musicians of Essex Youth Orchestra.

As part of his carefully-tailored approach, Robin works intensively with student conductors on key areas of growth, in particular their technical-grounding, score-preparation and interpretative choices. Development of these core areas is coupled with detailed video-analysis, a meticulous dissection of rehearsal planning and style, and a probing scrutiny of the conductor’s rhythmical stability, harmonic awareness, and the formal structure of all repertoire studied.

Robin is convinced that – armed with a sufficiently developed set of tools in each of these areas – each student and young professional will be well prepared for the many demands of this incredible, yet notoriously difficult profession. 21st-century orchestras, as well as choruses, opera-pits and contemporary music ensembles, all present unique challenges for the modern conductor. Robin Browning is able to offer training to navigate such perils at the highest level, and a skillset to carry the conductor’s career forwards for many years to come.

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All teaching and training programmes are adaptable to individual circumstances, and Robin offers a wide degree of flexibility.

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Online – via Skype and Musical Orbit

One-to-one sessions – at various venues including the teaching studio in Hampshire, UK

Regular tuition – Robin offers an on-going training schedule, over the most appropriate timescale for each student, with a tailor-made curriculum and repertoire based on the individual’s needs, goals and motivation

Coaching for one-off events – Preparation for competitions, auditions & masterclasses; for specific programmes, performances or future projects


Thorough video-analysis – available either online or side-by-side

Live mentoring – alongside an ensemble, orchestra or chorus of your choice

Assistantship schemes – for a very small number of selected conductors only, there is the possibility of working alongside Robin with one of his orchestras. This is often combined with regular study programmes (although this is not a prerequisite) and is highly competitive. Full details available on request.


Masterclasses & workshops – Delivering inspiring, multi-format group work to children, students and adults in schools, colleges, conservatoires and universities

CPD mentoring – for organisations such as music hubs, youth orchestras and ensembles, for teachers wishing to improve pre-existing skills, and even musicians with ambitions to develop a local youth ensemble or children’s choir

Arts and Education Consultancy – for those wishing to develop new musical programmes, establish new ensembles in schools, music hubs, or local non-affliated groups, and staff recruitment, training, and mentoring

Competitions and adjudication – Robin has considerable experience as an adjudicator on many audition and competition panels, including for local music festivals, youth orchestra competitions and for the concerto prize at London’s Royal College of Music


Establishing fundamental technique – Core technical training for the modern conductor, based on the principles of the Russian school of conducting pedagogy and, in particular, the methodology of the legendary Ilya Musin – one of the greatest conducting teachers of the 20th century

Score-study & musical development – A detailed and meticulous approach to score-marking, preparation, memorisation, analysis and deconstruction – including phrasal analysis, long-range formal analysis and Schenker

Interpretation – Incorporating elements of style, historical perspective, enquiry into character and colour, and a detailed exploration of recordings and musical trends – from a fundamental understanding of deep structure and long-term forms, to surface-level gesture and nuance


Rehearsal planning, management and style – Leading and inspiring through others, avoiding confrontation, and handling the subtleties of group psychology.
A clear technique and thorough musical preparation counts for nought if you run out of time, or alienate the musicians around you

Repertoire – Making appropriate decisions, programme-building and balance.
Finding what drives your passion, and delivering it to others

Enhancing key skills – Aural training, metrical work and rhythmical drills: key skills to develop, providing the bedrock of all conducting work.
Strength in these areas makes the conductor unshakeable, even under the greatest of pressure

Deep-level body-awareness – Developing a more direct and potent connection between instinct, impulse and effect, embodying aspects of centered-breathing, alignment, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Alexander Technique and Trager Mentastics.
A conductor’s body is their entire instrument… deep awareness brings about the ability to communicate complex information effectively and without clutter

Maintaining focus – Introducing a dedicated system of increased awareness to monitor a conductor’s sharpness, whether during rehearsals and performance, or even during long hours of study and preparation.
Concentration is everything… but how do you manage it, and consistently so?


Career development – Including professional mentoring and all aspects of promotion, applications, resume development and networking

Personal and professional branding – Developing a strong and consistent online presence – including web development and design, video marketing, social media presence

Video editing and production – Advice and guidance on developing one of the most useful tools for propagating a conductor’s career: the video. Whether for a website, competition-entry, or simply as an online calling-card, any videographic material must show the conductor at their best, be well lit, edited and synchronised, and sound good.

Copywriting and proofing – Including biographies, articles & journal writing, online listings and directories – in print and online media

  1. Chelmsford Sinfonietta (live) - conductor Robin Browning Mozart: Symphony No 40 (Allegro Molto) 7:39
  2. SÓN (live) - conductor Robin Browning Sibelius: Impromptu for Strings 5:36
  3. Olivia Robinson & members of BBC SO - conductor Robin Browning Raymond Warren: In My Childhood (mvt 5 "Apple Blossom") 6:46
  4. SÓN (live) - conductor Robin Browning Sibelius: Entr'acte from Pelleas et Melisande 3:01
  5. Chelmsford Sinfonietta (live) - conductor Robin Browning Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture 4:44
  6. Olivia Robinson & UH Ensemble - conductor Robin Browning John Hopkins: In the White Hours (mvt 6 "Morning at Last") 4:16
  7. conductor Robin Browning Holst: Lullay my Liking 3:57