It’s just a little over a month since the TRACE-E performances on stage at Southampton’s Turner Sims, part of University of Southampton’s SOTSEF festival. These new photos offer a glimpse into what was an incredible day.

Click on any of the photos to open the light-box. Huge thanks to talented young photographer Josh Merry for them.

Flip through the album to get a glimpse of what went on during these performances, and an insight into the amazing people who made it all such a success. Not only are there some great shots of the musicians I was lucky enough to share the stage with, but also of the two young speaker-writers, dancer Stacey Barnett and Prof Ian Williams – Principal Investigator for the project, without whom none of it would have happened.

There are also some gear close-ups for those who like such things (I certainly do) and the ever-present bananas.

There’s also a documentary film of the project in the pipeline, as well as the release of selected tracks and recordings on my Soundcloud page – all coming over the summer. Keep an eye on my social media channels for updates on this and more.

Scroll down below the gallery for a reminder of who’s-who in these photographs and behind the project.

TRACE-E Project Performances
Saturday 7 May 2022
Turner Sims, Southampton

Part of University of Southampton’s Science and Engineering Day 2022

Robin Browning (Musician in Residence) – Composer, Keyboards, Ableton Live
Rowan Baker – Arranger, Co-composer, Keyboards, Ableton Live
George Pertwee – Sound Design, Percussion, Ableton Live
Marike Kruup – Violin
Anca Campanie – Violin
Austen Scully – Cello

Stacey Barnett – Dancer
Lara Prince & Sofia Mykulynska – Speakers

Ian Williams – Principal Investigator
Alice Brock – TRACE-E Project Intern

Devon Williams – Electronics & eTextile development
Alison Westcott – Fashion design

The TRACE-E Musician-in-Residence Project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council through the IAA at University of Southampton